Social Media: Google Search Stories

For those of you that have not yet run into this:
Google Search Stories


IBM Lotus Notes Domino as a Social Media Platform

Currently I am evaluating to see if Domino will be successful in delivering as a social media platform. I need to select a platform that is interactive with users and rich in social media such as blog feeds, youtube videos, tweets, etc. I would love to hear some feedback from folks that have successfully implemented Domino as a viable solution for this purpose. I would also love to hear about what are some of the more popular platforms people are currently using? Please leave your comments below.



I have finally secured my own blog! It was a pending task for quite sometime on my todo list, and I am glad that I finally accomplished it! For those of you that are not familiar with my background, please visit my website to learn more about my expertise & areas of interest. In this blog I hope to write about my latest ventures, projects, and interests. Your comments are always welcome. I recommend that you register with my blog before you can post any comments. All comments are moderated before they will be posted.
I look forward to be posting regularly and grow this blog.

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