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Top 3 Insights From Your Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement surveys when designed effectively, can provide a valuable insight into an organization's workforce health.  An organization's culture, leadership philosophy, industry, size, geographic location and employee demographic are all key factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing an effective employee engagement survey.  Below are three insights you can gain from your next employee engagement survey:

1) How the organization's executive leadership are rated by their employees. Survey questions such as: On a rated scale, how would you rate Exec XYZ as a leader of Acme Corp? The response to this question is a good indicator on how employees view their C-suite leadership and is a helpful metric for measuring employee engagement. Low scores in this section can be further analyzed to determine possible areas for improving communication.

2)  What is the employee's level of committment to Organizational Citizenship ? Organizational Citizenship behavior is any discretionary contributions that an employee engages in to promote the company. It is not part of their job description or requirement of their role. Also, often times an employee may or may not be recognized for these contributions. Survey questions around volunteering activities, mentorship roles, contributions to the corporate knowledge systems can be good indicators of measure of this metric

3) Are your employees generally happy? It is a known fact conducted by several reputable research companies that happy employees are generally more productive employees.  Happiness is not always about compensation, rather there are several components that are critical to employee happiness. Survey questions such as: How do you feel about coming to work everyday? Do you trust the information that is communicated by leadership? Do you know how your role directly makes a difference for the company?

Employee engagement suveys can be a helpful tool for an organization when designed effectively to provide valuable insight on the overall health of the organization, its workforce and the influence of its leadership.  It is important that organizations take action on areas that need improvement promptly to build and grow trust. 

Do you currently use employee engagement surveys at your organization? If so, do you find it a helpful tool to gauge your workforce health?  Please share your responses below.